Fiji Island Coconut

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A splash of fresh, creamy, Fiji-grown coconut with a hearty Assam black tea. This delicious blend of Fiji Island coconut complimenting bold Assam black tea is like vacation in a cup. This blend showcases the health properties associated with organic coconuts and organic tea. While traveling through the South Pacific, we discovered possibly the purest of all coconut groves on a small island in Fiji. The coconuts of this remote island are grown and processed by the villagers in a pure and completely organic environment. In fact, this entire small island is certified organic and untainted with the effects of non-organic food production. Unlike other coconut producing regions, Fiji is not an industrialized nation and enjoys one of the most beautiful and pristine settings on earth. Considered by the inhabitants of many islands to be “the King food” or “the tree which provides all the necessities of life”, coconut is one of the most nutritious fruits on earth. Traditionally used by seafaring people as a staple in their diet, coconut is loved today for its flavorful addition to an amazing variety of foods. Kai’s black tea used in this blend is grown at the Hathikuli estate of central Assam, India. This plantation produces tea leaves that are rich and full flavored for a hearty cup. This simple, unique and delicious brew remains our most popular blend.



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ABSOLUTELY Smooth and Flavorful!!
Written by Patti P on 15th Apr 2019

Gosh it's FABULOUS if one likes coconut, and I LOVE COCONUT!! It's not overpowering at all, it's just a "PERFECT BALANCE" of both the Black Tea and a Mellow Coconut. It's Great hot or Refreshing cold. For me a must have! Thank You Kai!!

Written by Suzie on 11th Sep 2018

One of my new favorites! Great "wake up" beverage for my work days!

Spectacular Taste
Written by Brenda Beasley on 26th May 2017

This tea is amazing, hot or cold. First I purchased a small amount. When I reordered, I bought the largest quantity available. Definitely a favorite for me.

Written by Stephenie Wolf on 23rd Mar 2017

I love, love, love this tea and so does everyone who has tasted it. Makes me feel like I am living on the beach.

Great tea!
Written by undefined on 13th Jan 2017

Fiji Coconut Tea is smooth and flavorful. It's a great tea!

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