Did you know, tea is better than coffee?

Okay, forgive us for being provocative. But there has to be some reason why tea consumption in America has grown so rapidly in recent years. The health benefits of tea have no doubt been a factor. For one, the antioxidants and vitamins  – C, A, B1, B6, – in tea are far more abundant and definitely more absorbable than with coffee.. Research has also shown that regularly drinking tea can reduce your chance of depression by 37%. This may be because many teas contain theophylline, which can increase blood flow and has anti-inflammatory effects.

There are secrets contained in those tea leaves that can even make you think better. Chemical compounds known as polyphenols are found in tea leaves. These polyphenols widen the blood vessels of your body and improve circulation, the speed at which blood can travel to your brain. Numerous studies link polyphenols to improved cognition.

Then there's the history of tea.  It's a cultural tradition that has survived for 5000 years. The rituals and rhythms of serving tea have their own charm, perhaps a calming, soothing effect, that helps give people a sense of tradition in our modern world, given to constant flux.

But, tea lovers should be careful. A recent study by Greenpeace found up to 34 pesticides in almost 50 teas tested from brands such as Twinnings and Lipton. 59% of the samples had chemical residue above EU-MRL-approved levels, and 37% of the tea samples exceeded these levels by more than 50%. It is as if Americans are steeping their most feared chemicals right into their morning cup. When teas are laden with cancer-causing pesticides, does it make a difference if the tea boasts cancer-fighting properties? Recent studies have drawn direct correlation between these pesticides found in tea and the widespread instance of prostate disease among middle-aged men. 

Organic is the only way to drink tea. This is why specialty tea companies have grown at an even faster rate (8% to 10% annually) than their standard big commercial counterparts. Kai Tea uses only tea ingredients grown 100% organically, using no herbicides or pesticides at all. Our enterprise is a network of small farmers, not agri-businesses. It is built of friendships, not just contracts. We know, personally, the family in Fiji that raises our coconuts, the farm in Assam that grows tea for us. We have felt the joy of walking with Mr. Wu through his organic tea plantation in Yunnan province. We've taken fresh picked leaves and stood over the outdoor fires with the Tea Master and roasted the new pickings before fermentation, as a Pu'er.

We've found the true Tea Masters and the best small family farms around the globe. Now, in our organic kitchen we combine these pristine ingredients to craft our signature artisan blends – Cream Earl Grey, Island Coconut, Peach Assam, English Breakfast, Peruvian Cacao, Tippy Golden and more. Choose Kai and go organic. With every cup, promote small farms around the world.