The Team:


Welcome to Kai Tea.


    We’re a small team of young tea enthusiasts. We hand-select and blend organic loose teas from growers all over the globe. We design and blend our own tea in-house, then processed it in small batches - fresh and flavorful that way. We taste each batch for flavor consistency which we think is a special perk!

    In 2010, we began introducing the wonders of fine loose leaf tea to our local community in the heart of Texas. Several of us in the team were already traveling to tea growing climates and, being lovers of tea, it only made sense to bring it back home! Since then, some team members have moved out of Texas and offer these same health-packed and fun-filled blends to their nieghbors and friends. We truly hope you enjoy our teas as much as we do! Don’t ever hesitate to contact us – whether you’ve got a question, a concern, or an idea for improvement – we’d love to hear from you.


Like many great opportunities, it started small.

        In early 2009, for the enjoyment of it, Joshua, our tea-master, began creating his very own tea blends in his home kitchen in Texas. Less than a year later a great opportunity was presented when the chef from a local cafe phoned him after tasting his original organic Peach Assam. "Wow! This is the most refreshing peach tea I've ever tasted!" the Chef reviewed. "How soon can we have an order?" And so it was our first order, and surely not the last!

        Gaining in popularity, the teas were inquired about from various visiting chefs and gift shop owners. It took only a short time to get a blending kitchen set up and working, and by the Fall of 2010, with only 5 flavors (Peach Assam, Island Coconut, English Breakfast, Cream Earl Grey and Hibiscus Berry) and a very small kitchen, it was time to expand. 

        By the spring of 2011, the list of tea blends had grown to a grand total of twelve, and shortly thereafter, Joshua and his friend Clayton sketched the "Kai" logo from a bit of inspiration after visiting the stunningly beautiful Kenai Peninsula of Alaska! 


       In the summer of 2012, Josh's sister Rebekah, and her husband Aaron, along with their two little girls, moved to the edge of the Palouse hills in northern Idaho. Wishing for a source of income that would allow them to work on their farm and spend more time with their little girls, they began selling the tea at the local Farmer’s Market. Since then, using the same quality standards and recipes, our customer fan base of tea drinkers has rapidly expanded in the north as well! This spring Aaron built a commercial kitchen on His farm that has enabled them to begin selling the tea blends wholesale to local restaurants, gift shops and grocery stores. And we continue looking forward to many more opportunities to expand in the future!


So, what does Kai mean?

        Kai is a transliteration of an old Japanese term meaning "community." Our teas are hand blended, packaged and often personally delivered to neighbors, friends, and family. It's the "community tea." Well, that name is too long, so we chose "Kai."


Our guarantee:

         At Kai Organics we love bringing you the highest quality, most delectable and healthy tea blends available. You will be proud to offer our teas on your tables and to your guests. We source our teas only from USDA certified organic growers in the most pristine tea growing regions of the world including Sri Lanka, India, and USA. Our blends are created in-house by owner and tea-master Josh Wheeler who guarantees a complete tea time satisfaction or your money back. 

It's a guaran-tea.