Kai Organic Tea was born in 2010 around a chilly living room hearth when Joshua Wheeler began providing tea for his good friend’s new restaurant in Waco, Texas. Word spread about the tea, leading to more orders than he could produce out of his home kitchen. Then, building a new production facility, Josh teamed up with his brother-in-law Aaron and sister Rebekah in northern Idaho to service the northwest USA. Now they have won 6 medals at the prestigious Global tea Championships and ship affordable, award winning, organically grown, loose leaf tea nationwide!

“We love our own brand of tea products, but it is the people behind it – the friendly farmers growing the tea, those of us packing and filling your orders - and you – our friends and neighbors who keep us busy making it – that’s what makes it all worthwhile! Go Tea-m! Let's have tea, together! 

- Joshua Wheeler, Founder & Tea-master


So, what does Kai mean?

        Kai is a transliteration of an old Japanese term meaning "community." Our teas are hand blended, hand packaged and delivered to you -  our neighbors, friends, and family. It's the "community tea." Well, that name is too long, so we chose "Kai."


Our guarantee:

         At Kai Organics we love bringing you the highest quality, most delectable and healthy tea blends available. You will be proud to offer our teas on your tables and to your guests. We source our teas only from USDA certified organic growers in the most pristine tea growing regions of the world including Sri Lanka, India, and USA. Our blends are created in-house by owner and tea-master Josh Wheeler who guarantees a complete tea time satisfaction or your money back. 

It's a guaran-tea.