Caramel Almond Pu'erh

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A touch of raw almond aroma, with nutty sweetness. Upfront and balanced, our Caramel Almond Pu'erh Tea blend is a perfect combination of nut and caramel. Those familiar with Pu'erh know the musty, earthy character it exhibits, but when combined with the sweetness of caramel and almond, it delivers a rich, dark, nutty flavor. This tea is dessert in a cup with a decadent finish.

Antioxidant level: Medium

Caffeine meter: Medium



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Perfect Blend
Written by Grace on 27th Oct 2023

I am a bit of a tea purist, but with a sweet tooth… And I find the perfect balance of both worlds in Caramel Almond Pu’erh! You can brew it at a slightly lower temp with less leaves for more of a purest experience, or brew at a slightly higher temperature with more leaves, add your cream and sugar, and voila! dessert in a cup! I do go for the purest experience more often, though – in the mornings, free of cream and sugar, it has a revitalizing, mind clearing effect. (I especially enjoy it in my Zealong tea cup that I acquired while visiting the Zealong tea plantation in New Zealand. Yes, I’m a bit of a fanatic :D !) Thanks Josh, I love this tea!

Caramel Almond Pu'erh
Written by Rachel on 2nd Apr 2023

This is my favorite Kai tea so far! I love the nutty and earthy flavors and smells.

My absolute favorite tea from Kai
Written by F Mack on 21st Jan 2021

Deliciously rich, earthy, yet balanced with a nutty sweetness. I'm an avid Kai tea consumer, and this is my current favorite of the many teas I currently have.

Tastes like fish oil
Written by Candice Skow on 8th Nov 2020

Perhaps it's the almond in the tea but it tasted like fish oil to me. I won't purchase this one again. It tastes like a Omega 3 supplement.

Pecan tea
Written by Marilyn Reinhardt ok on 5th Sep 2020

Really enjoyed the pecan tea!