English Breakfast

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English Breakfast Tea is a traditional blend of black teas and is one of the more popular teas in America. Drinking a blend of black teas for breakfast is a longstanding British custom, but its name as "English Breakfast" seems to have been termed not in England, but in America as far back as Colonial times. Across many generations, plenty of different interpretations of this famous blend have been made. Our English Breakfast tea keeps the American tradition as a blend of Ceylons, Assam, and Tanzanian black teas. Enjoy plain or with a dash of cream and sweetener.

Antioxidant level: Very high

Caffeine meter: Medium

This tea is:

+ Free of artificial flavors or colors + Free of herbicides & pesticides + Grown organically + Gluten free + Dairy free +  Free of genetically modified ingredients



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English Breakfast tea
Written by Patricia on 23rd Nov 2023

What can I say? I love this tea so much I order it by the pound. I enjoy 1-2 cups each and every morning. Nothing added but hot water. Delicious flavor and a soothing way to start my day!

Tea drinker
Written by Melinda on 17th Oct 2023

I like to start my morning off with a cup of black tea. This is by far the best black tea ever! I'm hooked! Rich, smooth flavor. Thank you Kai Tea!

English Breakfast Tea
Written by Susan on 4th Oct 2023

I love English Breakfast tea and this is delicious. Great aroma, rich taste, my favorite tea each morning.

English breakfast
Written by Christina on 15th Sep 2023

It has a nice aroma and good caffeine

Written by Nina on 13th Oct 2022

I found Kai years ago online searching for authentic organic tea with a company. With integrity. My daily ritual of morning tea with steamed half and half was instilled in me as a young child from my dear aunt Mary. This tea is a delicious mild blend of flavor. Enjoy

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