Monk's Blend

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Light fruity grenadine compliments exotic caramel vanilla, creating a delightful flavor.

Antioxidant level: High

Caffeine meter: Medium-low




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Monk's Blend
Written by Christian R Olson on 6th Jan 2022

I tried this based on the description of caramel, vanilla, and grenadine and it did not disappoint. It brews up strong/full-bodied -something I love Kia tea's for- and you get the vanilla and caramel hints right away. Added a splash of cream which coaxed the grenadine out, defbexoming an unexpected favorite.

Monks Tea
Written by Debbie on 23rd Dec 2020

My new favorite. All teas are so good and difficult to choose a favorite. But this wins. Great for afternoon relaxing with a book.

Monk's Blend tea
Written by Karen Volpitto on 9th Nov 2020

Wow! This is now one of my favorite tea blends! I ordered a sample of it, and fell in love. Now I've ordered a larger portion. It is absolutely delicious. 5 stars!

Wonderful Tea
Written by Melissa Vandenbroucke on 17th Dec 2019

I was not sure about trying this tea but I’m glad I ordered it. Very smooth with a great flavor. I highly recommend this tea.

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