Jasmine Green

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Full jasmine bouquet with a delicious green tea lift. This elegant tea makes a light and refreshing cup.

Antioxidant level: Very high

Caffeine meter: Medium-low



5 based on 5 reviews.
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Written by Angela on 11th Mar 2023

Best green tea I’ve ever found. I can actually make iced tea with it and sweeten it with stevia. The aroma of jasmine makes it so good I can replace even alcoholic drinks for the pleasure of this drink!

Review for Jasmine Tea
Written by Randy on 14th Aug 2021

This is my wife's favorite tea. She says when this tea is brewed per the directions, the Jasmine is excellent and Kai Jasmine a top quality tea.

Jasmine green
Written by Stacie on 4th Feb 2021

The best jasmine tea. I steep it just over a minute and it's perfect. There's no bitterness or aftertaste. One of my favorites.

Jasmine Green
Written by Kathleen on 27th Nov 2020

Without a doubt, this is the best jasmine green tea I have ever tasted!

Perfect Jasmine Tea
Written by Gil on 26th Mar 2015

I love jasmine green tea! Kai's is one of my favorite teas overall. Just make sure you don't over steep like I did the first time around and it was bitter. 175 degreed F for just a minute or two. Smooth, aromatic, and subtle - the perfect jasmine tea.

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