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A refreshing and cleansing tea with hints of honey. Similar to rooibos, Honeybush is a flowering plant of the legume family, native to South Africa. Milk and sweetener is our recommendation.



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Honeybush a bit too bushy for me
Written by Chris Dickson on 6th Apr 2020

First, let me say, I am a Kia Tea addict for more reasons than they have awesome tea. They are an awesome company. That said, I have to say that the Honeybush tea was a little too bushy for me. While it does have a slightly sweet taste, the earthy, woody taste is more predominant for me and not one for which I really care.

Honey Bush Herbal Tea
Written by tina on 5th Apr 2020

What a beautiful tea! A lovely, inviting aroma and taste. Sweet and soothing. I tried it on a whim and have been very pleased.

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