Orchard Mango

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Our Mango black tea blend has the flavor of perfectly ripened mangoes. This blend combines organic mango chunks and marigold petals with our favorite black tea. Robust, juicy, tropical mango with a full-bodied black tea makes this excellent for iced or hot tea time.



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Orchard Mango Black Tea
Written by Karen Volpitto on 3rd Jun 2020

Delicious. Organic. Exactly what I was looking for. I've also purchased 3 different flavors, which I haven't yet tried. When I do, I will leave another comment. I am a first-time customer, but I must say I am very happy with this company so far!

Orchard Mango
Written by undefined on 5th Nov 2016

This is a great "light" tea. It doesn't boast a lot of flavor, but sometimes that's what I want. It has just enough flavor for the taste buds.

Refreshing, spring-like taste
Written by undefined on 25th Mar 2015

I liked this mango dark tea combo. It is robust but not heavy, just a light refreshing hint of the mango fruit.

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