Peach Assam

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Our finest black Assam tea decorated with real peach and calendula petals. Makes a great iced tea!

Antioxidant level: Very high

Caffeine meter: Medium

This tea is:

+ Free of artificial flavors or colors + Free of herbicides & pesticides + Grown organically + Gluten free + Dairy free +  Free of genetically modified ingredients



5 based on 35 reviews.
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Most delicious tea
Written by Sue on 7th Dec 2023

Peach Assam!!!!

Just heavenly
Written by Jami on 11th Sep 2023

This is one of my favorite summer time tea. So refreshing with some ice and honey. I catch my self refilling my cup all day!

Written by Annie on 5th Jun 2023

This tea was gifted to me just recently. I love Assam teas, especially those that are flavored. That being said, I am not typically fond of the peach flavors, as they tend to taste artificial and not much like real peach. To my absolute delight, this is a peach Assam I will purchase again and again and to which I will introduce family and friends. The interesting thing about this tea is the mellowness of the flavors that feel soothing and leaves behind the same feeling eating a good peach does on the tongue. Kai Tea Company, thanks to my longtime friend that lives near you- well- you will now have a good customer in Alabama!!

Peach Assam Tea
Written by Judy on 26th May 2023

This is and has been for a long time, my favorite tea. There’s always some in my cupboard!

Peach Tea Perfection
Written by Dayna on 16th Apr 2023

This is peach tea that tastes like a sweet ripe peach was grown into the leaves. really. I like a sweeter taste and this tea is perfectly peachy, with no sugar. I like it hot as well as over ice. Always delicious. I do think it’s my favorite. ☺️

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