Hibiscus Berry

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Our Red Hibiscus Berry starts with tangy red hibiscus flower, blended together with a splash of currants, elderberries, sugar raisins and rose hip peels. Boasting an array of vitamins, antioxidants and flavor, this delicious caffeine-free blend brews up a deep, ruby-red liquor. This blend also holds a special appeal for kids (and adults!) that love a lively, refreshing cup. Excellent iced with a dash of sweetness!



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Awesome Tasting Herbal Tea
Written by Bethany Young on 25th Apr 2017

The Hibiscus is very flavorful and doesn't have a bite to it. It's smooth and refreshing.

Really good
Written by Nancy James on 24th Sep 2016

Reminds me of raspberry tea.

New convert!
Written by Patty Nickolaus on 20th Jul 2016

I've never been a fan of berry teas because I like full flavored tea and most seem like barely flavored water. My husband likes them though, so I bought this tea for him. I brewed some in my French press and tried it... OH MY! This tea is so yummy!!! Very flavorful. I've drank it every day since it arrived. (My husband likes it too.)

Amazing iced tea!
Written by sheila hollender on 14th Aug 2015

this tea in wonderful hot - yet, making iced tea with it and lemon is incredible!!!! I just gave it to the Korshaks as a gift

Absolutely Delicious!!!
Written by Cheryl McGill on 25th Mar 2015

I have been a big fan of berry teas and hibiscus tea for many, many years. I often combined the two to get just the right flavor consistency (strong hibiscus flavor with the tang of berries) and this tea has exactly that. It is fabulous and is now my absolute favorite daily tea. It's wonderful both warm and iced. I make it a pretty strong and add a hint of agave nectar to tone down the tangy-ness just a tad bit. It has been nearly impossible to find a high quality hibiscus/berry tea and the fact that it's organic makes it all that much better. You will fall in love with this tea upon your first sip! I found it at a farmer's market one weekend and just HAD to order more. The shipping was fast and I was happy to be able to get more during the winter. Thank you, Kai, for a wonderful, delicious, high quality, organic hibiscus and berry tea! :)

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