Hibiscus Berry

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Our Red Hibiscus Berry starts with tangy red hibiscus flower and elderberries, blended together with a splash of currants, sugar raisins and rose hip peels. Boasting an array of vitamins, antioxidants and flavor, this delicious caffeine-free blend brews up a deep, ruby-red liquor. This blend also holds a special appeal for kids (and adults!) that love a lively, refreshing cup. Excellent iced with a dash of sweetness.

Gold Medal winner of the 2018 Global Tea Championships.

Antioxidant level: Medium 

Caffeine meter: Caffeine free!



5 based on 23 reviews.
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Written by Jeff Dunn on 19th Feb 2023

The hibiscus tea is fantastic. I brew up a gallon each time. The tea master is a great guy. Very helpful.

Hibiscus Berry
Written by Sharon on 7th Apr 2022

Fantastic for iced tea. I use a stevia sweetener.

My Favorite
Written by Eric Brundage on 2nd Dec 2021

Hot or cold, straight or mixed with bubbly water (Topo Chico) this drink is great.

Hibiscus Berry Tea
Written by Pat Sheek on 12th Sep 2021

I alternate combining Wineberry Rose with Moroccan Mint, or Hibiscus Berry with Moroccan Mint. They all taste great. I am buying Hibiscus Berry and Moroccan Mint this time because the Hibiscus Berry is cheaper, has great taste, and has elderberries in it. Elderberries are great for colds and raising immunity.

Not my cup of tea
Written by Susan McMillian on 2nd Jun 2021

This tea was very disappointing. It had a bitter aftertaste. I tried several brewing methods and also with various sweeteners, but it just didn’t work for me. Sorry I didn’t try a sampler first.

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