Moroccan Mint

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A high country mint blended with gunpowder green tea. 

If you have traveled to Morocco, you’ll probably agree that tea time can be impressive. Making a cup of tea in Morocco is an elaborate and theatrical presentation. The Moroccans steep a mixture of green tea, mint and sugar, then skillfully pour it into small tea cups from a height of about two feet, which both cools the tea and creates a frothy surface. If no froth is created, the tea is not considered presentable and is poured back to be steeped a bit longer.

It is debatable how the Moroccans began this traditional drink, however it seems to be traced back to the British tea trade. In 1854, a British tea merchant, unable to reach his destination due to unrest during the Crimean war, stopped short at Morocco and sold his ship load of gunpowder green tea. The Moroccans prepared this gunpowder green tea with fresh mint, creating the now traditional Moroccan Mint tea.

Kai’s mint is grown in the Columbia River Basin of Washington and Oregon and is considered the finest flavored mint in the world. The arid warmth of this unique climate yields mint rich in essential oils, while the water from the Columbia river irrigates the lush fields.

So what is Gunpowder tea? It is a whole leaf green tea, lightly processed and then rolled into small pellets resembling old-fashioned “gunpowder”. Its unique pearl shape helps to protect the inner leaf from damage and oxidation, preserving its fresh flavor and aroma.

Antioxidant level: Very high

Caffeine meter: Low



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Moroccan Mint
Written by Virginia on 30th May 2024

Haven't had much success with green or herbal teas in the past (too wimpy), but I thought I would give this a try. It has a nice, smooth flavor and you can definitely taste the mint. Looking forward to trying it iced.

Moroccan Mint
Written by Pepper on 14th Jan 2024

I purchased this tea for my husband after receiving a sample from a previous order. My husband loved it served as an iced tea and it had now become our daily iced tea!

Moroccan Mint
Written by Jennifer on 9th Oct 2023

Love this tea! I mix it with Crimson Tropical sometimes to give my tea a little mint taste. It’s refreshing and fresh!

Written by Melissa on 5th May 2023

Moroccan Mint is so good and refreshing. You can truly taste that the mint isn't artificial. It's wonderful any time of the day, hot or cold!! It's been amazing for my scratchy, allergy induced, throat ?

Moroccan Mint
Written by Cathy Skoff on 30th Apr 2022

Love this green tea. Good hot or cold. I cold brew over night and enjoy all the next day.

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