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We would like to give away 2,500 bags of our most popular immune-system boosting tea blends completely free!

We have chosen 8 of our most antioxidant-rich and catechin-filled immune system boosting flavors. Each package will make approx. 12 cups and is completely free, no strings attached (Well, we do ask that you share this #cupofhealth offer around to all that might benefit from it :-). Please make use of this offer for yourself and share the word around for others to enjoy. Please limit two flavors per customer so there will be some for all. Shipping is $3.95.

Why are we doing this?

We understand that the COVID-19 situation is presenting many challenges and is an unprecedented time for everyone — a time that, for many, is filled with uncertainty. Our hearts and thoughts go out to each and every one of you. As a small family business of only 8 employees, we want to do our part to keep spirits bright and our bodies healthy while we get through this! Though limited on the impact we can have, we believe that if each of us do our part, together we will get through this to see a bright future.

Please choose your flavor of tea and enjoy! Leave us a review if you like what we are doing. Cheers to your health from our kitchen to yours!

Joshua Wheeler - CEO, TeaMaster 

Kai Organic Tea - Since 2010

P.S. Visit the page links below for more information on each flavor we are offering here.

Moroccan Mint - Read More

Honey Bush - Read More

Texas Pecan - Read More

Fiji Island Coconut - Read More

Hibiscus Berry - Read More

Cream Earl Grey - Read More

English Breakfast - Read More

Peach Assam - Read More



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Peach Assam plus English Breakfast
Written by Patricia Stuntz on 2nd Apr 2020

Thank you so much for the free tea offer! I tried the Peach Assam as an iced tea (I drink homemade iced tea all year!) but I also mixed it half and half this morning with English Breakfast tea. Just perfect! The quality of Kai Teas is outstanding.

Texas Pecan Tea
Written by Natasha on 1st Apr 2020

So excited to try this new tea! So it smelled to me like a box of chocolates when first opened as loose leaves. It has a robust flavor, and smells good when brewed. We did not necessarily pick out a distinct "pecan" flavor. Overall good flavor and will probably order more.

Earl Gray Creme
Written by Alydia on 1st Apr 2020

My husband and I love this tea. It has a fabulous flavor that lends to itself to a perfect tea latte with foam. We both crave one every afternoon!

Wonderful Tea
Written by Jimmy on 1st Apr 2020

We’ve tried several different teas and they are all wonderful . The tea giveaway during a time like this was just a wonderful thing. Made a bright spot in a different and trying time. So thankful for this company

Kai Organic Tea
Written by Corinn on 31st Mar 2020

The Kai Island Coconut is my favorite. I have a cup of tea in the morning instead of coffee. The Coconut tea is fantastic with a splash of milk!

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